Shit List

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Les Brown says “dont take your dreams to the grave with you

So this is the list of things of things that I MUST DO… before I die… and to feed my sould

My personal “Shit list to do before I die”

    1. get a bachelor (UCN, Ingeniero ejecucion computacion informatica)
    2. get a diploma (Universidad de Chile,Evaluacion,gestion y control de proyectos)
    3. To sell a drawing (A boss bought me a print of a boobed girl and a wild dog)
    4. create a video game ( This is a big fuckYEA for me… it was a demo. but I complete the process)
    5. To sell stuff made by me on STEAM
    6. Tambo training (Karin hitting the freaking sandbag)
    7. Tambo Running (Karin running through hell)
    8. Do a Kratos Cosplay
    9. Create Tambo the game (the main game and be a great hit)
    10. Create Tambo the comic (MUST be a hit)
    11. Get a heavymetal girl
    12. To live in melbourne
    13. Have big arms
    14. Have a 6-pack abs
    15. Build a small house
    16. Write a book
    17. Have an awesome workshop
    18. Native language English (Grade over 7 in IELTS )
    19. To sell an oil painting
    20. Be an artist (A person who sell things who create with a smile on its face 7×24)
    21. Create a Wildguns style game
    22. To have an awesome garden with fruits and stuff
    23. To have a son !
    24. Do parkour
    25. Do skateboard (longboard)

Only finishing this… I will rust in pieces

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