Java Variable Static

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(Extract from OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide Malagupta)

Class variables

A class variable is defined by using the keyword static. A class variable belongs to a

class, not to individual objects of the class. A class variable is shared across all objects—

objects don’t have a separate copy of the class variables.

You don’t even need an object to access a class variable. It can be accessed by using

the name of the class in which it’s defined:


class Phone {

           static boolean softKeyboard = true;


Let’s try to access this variable in another class:


class TestPhone {

           public static void main(String[] args) {

                      Phone.softKeyboard = false;
                      Phone p1 = new Phone();
                      Phone p2 = new Phone();
                      System.out.println(p1.softKeyboard); //print false
                      System.out.println(p2.softKeyboard); //print false
                      p1.softKeyboard = true;
                      System.out.println(p1.softKeyboard); //print true
                      System.out.println(p2.softKeyboard); //print true


As you can see in the previous code, the class variable softKeyboard is accessible

using all of the following:

■ Phone.softKeyboard

■ p1.softKeyboard

■ p2.softKeyboard



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